Welcome to the Master Programme in European Studies!

The one-year Master Programme in "European Studies" is a new and innovative programme offered by the Institute of Social Sciences at the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf particularly for students of the Middle East. It began in October 2009.

The Master Programme in European Studies enables its students to understand the complex process of European integration and recognize the relevance of its policy of peace on a scientific level.

The central aim of the Programme is to help students improve their ability to analyse a scientific question, build their self-reliance, enhance dialogue and inspire team spirit. 
It prepares students for a professional career in the fields of politics, policy consulting, administration, media and public organisations thus dealing with European actors, institutions and processes including occupational activities in the partner countries of the European Union within the scope of a lively Neighbourhood Policy.

Understanding the European Union

The programme´s aim is to educate students on the EU, how the EU, after centuries of wars finally managed to build a "working peace" in Europe and how the European Union functions today. Most of the programme´s students come from the Middle East and have successfully completed a year of preparation at their home universities in Jordan, Palestine and Israel. 

It is particularly necessary to offer European Studies especially to students of the Middle East for various reasons:

  • The EU has significantly intensified its ties to the Middle East due to the "European Neighborhood Policy". The Middle East therefore needs more expertise on European affairs.
  • Studying Europe´s "working peace" together will hopefully contribute to the peace process in the Middle East as well.

Experience the spirit of European integration at first hand!

Please read carefully about the special requirements for admission and the characteristics of this programme before you decide to apply! 

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Please send your questions regarding applications to Dr. Guido Quetsch, Executive Manager of the programme European Studies: quetschphil.uni-duesseldorfde.

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